• Does anyone switch their flavor of the kibble so their dogs won't get bored? I feed mine Merrick's duck and sweet potato, and was wondering if I should switch to another Merrick flavor

  • I switch all the time and not just with the brand to different flavors, but to different brands. I don't do it because of "getting bored" but more so that I can feed just about any kind of kibble and never have an issue with changing food and tummy upsets. If I am on the road and for some reason run out of food or whatever, I don't have to worry about looking just for one brand… I have about 4 or 5 I can choose from.

  • Oakley is sensitive and he also has restrictions on his diet but within his brand (as long as protein content doesn't exceed 20% based on source)..I switch up his flavors. He can only have the bison and venison but I'll either combine or rotate as much as possible…

  • My guy has eaten the same food (NRG dehydrated) for the last seven years. He loves it, does well on it, and I see no reason to switch. If it ain't broke…..

  • How much does NRG go for roughly ? I'd love to feed my girl dehydrated - as she seems to be getting bored of her blue buffalo 😣 with a quarter of the bag left , T_T ….. I would love to find a food she adores and would inhale lol but she seems a bit picky or she gets bored of it ... She did love the amore pet food samples but they are expensive ! For 1 lb it's $26 and she would have to eat 6 tablespoons a days - 3/8 of a cup so 3 and 3 twice a day feeding a , is NRG more economical ? :

  • Getting bored of their food is one of the reasons I love that I am able to feed Kaiser raw, being new to raw when I got him and just adjusting the cats onto raw he was feed Orijen puppy food and by the time we had nearly finished a big bag he was totally not interested in eating, now on raw he knows dinner time and will sit looking at me to see if I go to the garage and grab his dinner towel and follows me to the fridge then rushes to his crate. Now to me it just seems so natural that he eats raw I hope I never have to feed him kibble again, it's not cheap it's not as easy and convenient as feeding kibble but he's keen to eat and he is doing well on it.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • NRG is not cheap, but I find it lasts me a long time. I bought the 11 KG package last time (includes two sealed bags) and it cost me $119.99. I really don't remember when I bought this, and I still have more than a quarter of it left! I think it's been close to a couple of months. It would be wise to start off with a smaller package until you see if it agrees with her.

    Because it is a dehydrated food, you have to add water to reconstitute it, and it is hard to compare to kibbles on a weight basis.

  • I got samples of Amore Pet food and she loved those ! But they are a tad expensive 😣 more then NRG I think 10lb bag is $110 and 20lb bag is $240 and the smallest they have is a 2LB bag for $26 bucks and according to there feeding guideline she's supposed to get 3/8 of a cup which is 6 table spoons 😣 haven't done enough math to see how long the 2lb would last - not long I think !

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