• Hello everyone I'm a proud 1st time basenji person.
    My wife and I have been fostering/ training different breeds for about 2 years now all the while looking for that one dog that has a personality that meshes with ours, everything from pure bred Shepherds and labs to mutts. Then there was Buster
    The previous owner turned him in because he was un-trainable, and he was not house broke.
    We've had him 4 days now. And he's completely house broken and leash/walk trained.
    The 1st day he gave my wife a "hug" or dog equivalen. She knelt down and buster walked up and laid his head on her shoulder and has since all ways while sitting next to her either laid his paw or head in her lap something I have not witnessed in any other breed, to bond and show effect on that quickly.
    Anyway wanted to share that.
    I'm sure I will have more questions as time passes. Buster is 8 months and is a rescue.

  • Welcome Dave and Buster, sounds like he is the perfect dog for you!

  • I didn't see this post until now, but welcome to the wacky world of Basenjis!, they are a breed like no other!
    Buster was lucky to have found you, and he knows it. And I'm sure you're happy to have found him.
    Where did you get Buster from?

  • Sounds like Buster has found the right home with you and your wife, lucky you and lucky him. I love the hug part of your story, sounds like you have a snuggle bum like our boy.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Since Buster is a rescue, I would highly suggest that you have DNA Fanconi testing done. It is a cheek swab that you do yourself. You can order the test at www.offa.org for 65.00. Money well spent for peace of mind and know your Basenji's status. Scroll down till you get to Fanconi DNA


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