• Hello Everyone!
    First off I would like to say that I am happy to find this Forum. Thank you!
    It is tough finding information about this amazing breed.
    For 2 years now I have been reading about Basenji's and I am happy to say that this winter I will be getting my first pup! I am really excited and ready for this. I hope that this forum can answer a few questions I have though.
    #1. Creat Training
    I have never creat trained a dog before and know through reading that the creat is supposed to be a den for basenji's. How do I get the pup to enjoy going there. My neighbor has a dog who is crated and it doesn't seem to be working. The dog screems and scratches the crate as though he hates it. He also has accidents in his crate. I want my pup to enjoy its crate not think of it as jail or a place to go potty.

    #2. Potty Training
    How long on average does it take to potty train a Basenji. Most websites and books I read did not give a timeframe. I plan on taking my pup to the office with me during the day but would rather have him pottytrained beforehand.

    #3. Socalizing
    Books that I have read state that a dog should be introduced to other dogs/cats before 10 weeks or else they might have a more difficult time adapting to other animals. Is this true with Basenji's? I have already spoken with my vet and he doesn't want to give the pup all his shots at once. Im not comfortable introcucing my new pup with people/other animals until he has all his shots. This will take longer than 10 weeks. Should I be concerned?

    I know my questions may sound stupid to most people. I just want my new pup to be comfortable so That is why I have researched this breed for such a long time and made sure that this is the breed for me.

  • Hi Derby! Welcome to Basenji Forums!

    We are glad to have you here and hope you enjoy our community. If you don't mind, please post your questions in the appropriate forums that we have created, this forum is for Member Introductions only.

    Here is what we suggest:

    1. Leave your introduction here

    2. Post questions #1 & #2 in Behavior Forums > Basenji Training

    3. Post question #3 in Puppy Matters > Puppy Socializing

    That will help us to keep our forums on topic. Let us know if you need any assistance.

    Thank you,

  • Thanks! I will:)

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