Maca and Laika on her bed

Laika get caught while she was flying from crime scene! Maca get some comfort too.. lol


What sweet innocent B's you have, Kaiser has also found the enjoyment of the pillow. Basenji's know the art of getting comfortable. Yes, they are fast to get away from their destruction.

Jolanda and Kaiser

I love Picture 3 - if ever there was a candidate for the caption - "We just found it like that, don't know how it could have happened…"

Obviously you have exploding pillows!

I can relate

They look so innocent (when they need to).

lol, thanks, yes my girls are so sweeet! 😛 especially Laika, the tiny girl, i was thinking she has that capacity for destruction that God gives her that so so so cute tiny face, and that sweet attitude, so she can go into demolition the house, and wont found guilty of anything.. haha

great pictures

You should be ashamed accusing those sweet puppies! I am positive that pillow did indeed explode on its own! Listen to Agilebasenji, lol.

Too cute.

yep, im guilty of make fake assumptions on my sweet girls.. im ashamed too. LOL

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