• We have a 10 month old basenji, he is very well socialized and gets on with all kinds of dogs. We had new neighbors move in down stairs with an Aussie shepherd. Our dog heard him howling and whining the first few days. The first time they met in the hall our dog turned into gollum and tried to attack our neighbors dog and the neighbors dog reciprocated because it was wiggling out from the move. We tried introducing them in the park - same deal, but 100% of the aggression was from our dog. We tried on the street, same reaction. The shepherd post move is quite beta and super nice, and our dog is just being a bullying brat. We have never seen him pick a fight before with any other dog, but he will stick up for himself if he is feeling threatened. Any suggestions on how we could get them to be friends, it would be great if our dog could have a playmate and reciprocal dog sitter in our building. Our upstairs neighbor had a beagle that was best buddies with our basenji but she just just moved out.

  • It's been my experience that sometimes my basenji just gets it in her head that she doesn't like another dog, and for seemingly no good reason. I have been able to mitigate her behavior, but this is not a cure….
    First, an excited basenji is a biting basenji. Make sure he's calm. Make him sit. Exert your dominance. Stand over your dog, look him in the eye. You need to snap him out of his mindset and remind him that you're in charge and he doesn't need to be aggressive.
    It will take time and patience, but he can be made more comfortable...
    I've also found that walking together as a "pack" helps. The two humans in the middle, the dogs held on a very short leash to either side, and you ignore your dog's aggression, focusing them on the walk itself. After a short while, they should just about forget one another. But this also acclimates them to each other. Good luck!

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