• i am going to NYC for 4 days to visit a friend. i decided to fly my mother in law up to watch "the boys" instead of making it a family vacation. (my boys=3 yr old human and 11 month old basenji fender)
    she has spent a week and a half with fender before, but i was there. so i am a little bit scared! he likes her, but he has got some tricks up his sleeve. i dont know if there is enough i can warn her about! if he happened to get away from her i dont know if she could get him to come back. :eek:
    i hope i just worry too much.

  • Does she have dogs?

    I would be worried even if I had normal dogs, I think that is just what we do as Dog Mom's and Human Mom's! I am sure it will be alright.

  • Just make sure she doesn't leave any doors open.

  • she has owned dogs her whole life, but does not currently have any. "the boys" can be overwhelming. (you cant just take the dog for a walk, kiddo comes too) there are irresponsible dog owners in my neighborhood. the let the dogs run loose (not allowed, i live on a military base) and i am not sure how good they are about spaying or neutering.
    unfortunately, i found a border collie wondering around today on my way home from lunch. i got my "emergency leash" out of the car and the fellow came right to me/ (puppy puppy, here puppy worked) he had tags, i called. a 9 or 10 year old girl was home with her little brother. there werent any parents. they didnt even know the dog was missing. anyway, i returned the dog to the little girl. these people dont even take car of their kids, let alone their dogs!!!
    k rant over

  • In this world there are Bad human parents, and BAD dog parents. These are the kind of people that make me sooooooo mad, if you are going to have children or pets, then take care of them darn it!!!!!:mad:

  • Amber, I wish I could be of some help. But I dont think having a total stranger come to help out with a child that doesn't know me and a dog that doesn't know me would do much good.
    Still, if you want– myspace me and I'll give you my number, in case of emergency.

    I'd buy Fender a few new toys and chewie things that she can dole out when he has his Basenji moments.

    I forget, has Fender been microchipped?
    How 'bout Holden? LOL LOL LOL

  • If your that unsure maybe it would be easier to fly the friend in. You'd feel better, the friend would get out of NYC and it might turn out to be a better time for all. Just watch the friend doesn't get bitten by the Basenji Bug, then you'd never see eachother again. :rolleyes:

  • Oh gosh Amerbered I can imagine your anxiety. Is there someone who is Basenji Saavy that can be "on call" should anything happen while you're away??

  • i talked to my best friend today, she said she would be on call to deal with both boy and dog issues. she lives down the street and fender always greets her with the biggest baroos 🙂
    my mother in law thinks that her "weirdest" dog ever was a basenji mix. she kind of had the look and caught flies in her mouth. i never saw the dog, so we cant be sure.
    i think jazzysmom had a good idea with new treats and toys. i am definitely making a long list of things to remember about fender!
    i decided to fly her out to babysit instead of taking the boys with me. i need a break. (hubby is 4 months into his deployment) she is going to stay with me for awhile, so it will be interesting around here. 🙂

  • So, she is going to stay with you before you leave? I think that would be ideal…that way you can show her...'this is how we do this...and this is how we do that'

    I was always terrified when leaving the dogs with someone else...always afraid they would escape, and the person would have no idea how to get them back. I do a little better now that they go to kennel...it is pretty escape proof.

    Strangely, I worry less when leaving Ethan with my parents, or a babysitter, than I do the dogs....maybe 'cause I think people are more careful with kids? Or if a child wandered off they wouldn't go or get far?

    I am sure all will go perfectly smoothly! Enjoy yourself!

  • Just want to wish you a great time when you go to NYC!! That'll be a blast! Try not to worry and enjoy! It's so wonderful that you have a mother-in-law willing to help out. I'm sure she'll do a fine job with both of your boys. The worrying part is the naturally good mom in you. 😉

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