Hi Everyone! Excited to be here!


My name is Dawn, and I live in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, MN. In the past I was fortunate to own a Basenji/Shiba Inu mix, whom I miss dearly. I have just put myself on a wait list for next years Basenji litter from a nearby breeder. Until then, I plan on coming here to get my Basenji fix!

Hope all well with you and yours, and thank you for letting me join!


Welcome to our community!

Welcome Dawn. LOL on your countdown in your sig!

What breeder are you on the list for? Many here have related dogs with others.

Hi, welcome. Lucky you getting a puppy, so exciting shame they grow so fast. Being on a waiting list is so hard, but it is all worth it in the end. Can't wait for puppy photos on the forum.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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