• Picked up my first basenji February 15, she is going on 10 weeks this weekend. Have been using this forum for the past month, the search feature has been my training tool. I thank you all for the help.

    My girl has been doing great. After a couple days she has been ringing her bells to go out. She socializes well. Good friends with a German Sheppard and a Maltese. Sleeping and eating well.

    We are crate training her. I had a metal crate for the first week. She did not like out. Was able to reach her paws out and shred anything we had close to the crate. Using all the advice from the forum we have now switched to a plastic crate. Covered. With a clock. What a difference. 5 minutes of screeching, and my girl goes to sleep.

    One problem I can't seem to figure out is we've been having to take her out a lot throughout the night. Her food gets picked up at 7 pm. Walked twice between then and 10pm. Usually #1 twice #2 once. Then at 1230. She wakes up screaming. Take her out. Does both. Crates till 5am. Wakes up screaming. Take her out. Does both.. Up for the day around 7.

    How is she going #2 twice throughout the night.? Any suggestions. We are trying to only have to get up once to take her out. Any suggestions.

    We live in New Hampshire. Got our girl from Debbie, Mata Hauri Basenjis. We have been so pleased. Things are working out great. She starts obedience training and clicker training in 2 weeks. I grew up with boxers, due to the girlfriends allergies have moved onto basenjis. And boy am I happy.

    Her namer is Koozie. Any friends in southern new Hampshire?

  • First Basenji's

    We wanted a Mata Hauri basenji since we live across the river from her Plainfield location.
    We ended up getting a black/white boy from out of the area.

    Were abouts in southern NH are you? I'm in the central VT area. 🙂

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