• First Basenji's

    So here goes nothing… maybe!

    We adopted Bowpi off Craigslist in 2010 from a woman who had been at least her second owner. She came with no pedigree information, and I didn't think there was a way to follow up. We did get her Fanconi DNA tested in the meantime (clear), and she has become a very beloved member of our household.

    Well a couple months ago, I was e-mailed out of the blue by the woman we'd gotten Bowpi from -- she was curious about how she was doing. I hadn't really intended to stay in touch because I think for a number of reasons Bowpi is clearly better off with us. Anyway, I sent her pictures and gave her a brief update, and because curiosity got the better of me, I asked if she could dig up any kennel background information.

    It took her some time, but she did eventually respond that Bowpi came from a Houston, TX-based breeder. This was interesting to me because all this time, I had just vaguely assumed that Bowpi was from somewhere in California! Anyway, she could not recall a name at all, though she claimed that there were AKC champions on both sides (I know they all say that) and that AKC paperwork was never submitted.

    I don't think I'm going to get any further info from her, but I thought I'd try asking around. Does anyone perhaps recall a Houston area litter from 2005? No DOB known. I know there are a lot of Basenji breeders in Texas... Anyway, Bowpi was supposedly born with bilateral hernias, taken care of when she was spayed. Her dewclaws were done, if that means anything.

    Some pictures that may or may not help:

    And if I never find out… well, that's that! I thought it was worth a shot though.

  • Bowpi is such a pretty girl! I love that sweet face. And that red spot on her collar is distinctive, so maybe that will help you find her breeder. I don't know any breeders in Texas, but I believe Pat Marshall of Berimo is near Houston and has been breeding for a long time. Perhaps she could give you information or direction? You could also try BRAT, since they've probably had experience with Houston dogs, and you could try the BCOA affiliates in TX to see if anybody has a breeder list or ideas. And maybe some TX members will chime in.

    It's definitely possible! In 2003, my parents rescued a B&W boy from NC and were told that he didn't work out as a show dog, but had AKC champions in his pedigree. It took a while, but we were able to trace him back to a California breeder. His champion lines were way back. He was a wonderful boy– though, sadly, a Fanconi dog-- and my mother still misses him like crazy. Good luck with your search, and I hope you have success! The Internet makes it so much easier, and once you have somewhere to start, Sally's database is a wonderful resource.

  • Short of the woman trying to find the info of where she got Bowpi, I don't know that anyone can help. If unregistered, even an exact birthday wouldn't help a lot. 😞

  • Isn't there a BYB in the Houston area???? I think if you seach the Forums, you might find that information….. try this thread


  • I agree, that mark on his collar is very distinctive, if anything could help in identifying him that mark is the best bet, and perhaps the breeder will recall it as I have not seen too many even similar to that. Good luck!! Bowpi is adorable!!!!'

  • And curlytails…. time for a visit? The pups could use more fresh skin to chew on... LOL

  • First Basenji's

    Pat, I just sent you an e-mail. 🙂

    I did poke around on the forum for more information, but nothing was panning out just yet. There's a lot of collective wisdom and memory here though, so maybe someone will know something eventually… though I realize it's a lot to hope for. That one spot on the back of her neck is probably her most distinctive marking, not that it's shaped like anything in particular. I don't know how many breeders could recognize a puppy of their breeding by such markings alone, especially after this many years!

    Thanks for the tips. I'll reach out to some breeders and BRAT's regional coordinator as well... I realize they're really busy in Texas. Coincidentally, shortly before I found out about Bowpi's origins, I saw the movie Big Country ... Yeah, one little unregistered Basenji would easily get lost in such a big place all right. LOL.

  • I know breeders who can recognize their pups far beyond what you and I could imagine they would…especially those who generally care about their pups, even if they've had many litters since, the memory can be brought back by seeing them. Wish I was close enough to visit the TRI bunch, if likely never leave but Oakley would assuredly lend himself to being a pin cushion!

  • @Chealsie508:

    I agree, that mark on his collar is very distinctive, if anything could help in identifying him that mark is the best bet, and perhaps the breeder will recall it as I have not seen too many even similar to that. Good luck!! Bowpi is adorable!!!!'

    My B/W Basenji had a mark on his collar just like that one. He came from an ID breeder in about 1990. She had another Basenji (tri) with a similar dot. When I bred my boy he had an offspring with an almost similar dot except there was a strip of colour that came up to meet the dot.

  • Hey Joanne, maybe your breeder knows someone with that bloodline who is in TX. I had also never seen one like that so maybe you just offered a clue!

  • First Basenji's

    Hmm, I don't know much about coat genetics, but I'd be surprised if markings were like "brands" that point to any specific lines… If only it were so easy! 😉

    If only I could be so lucky to have a breeder recognize that one patch from their red and white litter from so many years ago. It seems like Basenji head shapes and ear sets can be a clue, for someone with a more perceptive eye than me.

  • Markings in other breeds certainly are genetic, so would be surprised if not with basenjis. But hopefully the breeders will speak up 🙂

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