• Hi everyone,

    I'm joining this forum, so I could find out a bit more about Basenji.

    I've started looking into dog companionship this year, (not actually true, I've always wanted a dog all my life, but with my hectic and busy lifestyle made dog ownership unfair especially to the dog).

    I first started looking into breeds which are somewhat medium to large. I initially opted for a large breed, but ever since I asked the right questions and eventually decided that I need to look for something that's medium sized and hypoallergenic. Most of my family are allergic to pets, so I have to be accommodating.

    After researching hypoallergenic dogs I'm partial to either Samoyed or Basenji.

    Samoyed - I grew up with two samoyeds (Zara and Zerina) when I was younger, weren't mine, but I was around them all the time in my childhood, so I know all about samoyed. White hair everywhere!!! πŸ™‚ - but Basenji - I know nothing. So I'd appreciate if you could help me out…

    I work 8 to 5 Mondays to Thursdays. Friday and weekends wouldn't be of any problem at all, I'd go for long walks. I have a 10 year old son, who's rather mature for his age.

    So I really need to ask these following questions:

    1. can Basenji cope being left alone for a long time during the weekdays? (Probably not, but I have to ask)
    2. Would taking the dog to day-care at the kennels close-by to my workplace be sufficient/sensible?
    3. Someone suggested having two, so they could keep each other company? Is this sensible?

    For reasons, which I'm pleased, (I loathe puppy-farming and I blame the greedy owners), there seem to be very little news on new Basenji puppies in UK, so I'd like to ask if there's a breeder I can talk to close-by. I live in Oxfordshire (Wantage).
    4) What is the average asking price for Basenji?

    Many thanks for taking time to read my post
    Kind regards

  • Welcome Josh. Please don't count on Basenjis being hypoallergenic as it can vary from dog to dog and person to person. Find someone with Basenjis who is happy for you to visit them and their Basenjis at home. There is a long term Basenji owner/breeder in Wantage but I don't think she has any Basenjis now. I'm sure she would be happy to give you advice. You may have to travel to visit with Basenjis.

    1. I 'm of the opinion that no dog should be left alone for long periods.
    2. A doggy day care is a good idea but not immediately - let the puppy settle with you first. Make sure that the carer is knowledgeable as Basenjis aren't like other dogs and should be treated accordingly.
    3. I'm sure it wouldn't be sensible to take on two puppies at once. I speak from experience having once sold 2 puppies to the same home and finding out what a bad mistake that was. I would never do it again.
    4. In my opinion there is no average price. Breeders seem to vary in what they ask. I think you should probably be prepared to pay up to 8 or 9 hundred pounds.

    Although I no longer breed you are welcome to visit us and our Basenjis mostly any time. We are however in Shropshire.

    2. If you have a good doggy day care facility near to you that would be the best option but be aware that a Basenji is not as other dogs so the carer would have to be knowledgeable.

    3 I don't think it is sensible to start off with 2 new puppies. Having once allowed two of my puppies to go together and finding out what a mistake that was I would never do it again.

  • Apologies for the double posting!

  • Greetings from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Let me be the first to inform you that in many ways Basenji's are wonderful dogs to own, however at times infuriating. Although the breed is not normally recognized as one of the more intelligent, easy to train, the only way you can be a successful B owner is to be at least half as intelligent as the dog. They require intelectual stimulation or they become bored quickly, and a bored Basenji will search for things to keep himself occupied. If you search the internet you will find many posts by owners testifying how distructive a bored Basenji can be. Our sweet darlings actually ate the upholstery from a 7 foot long living room sofa. So, please, research the breed very throughly before you take one into your home.

  • I agree with Patty. Basenjis do not do well left alone for long periods of time, and definitely not two puppies together! But perhaps an older Basenji and a pup might work, if you can find a suitable older dog that is looking for a new home. In your shoes I think I would actively seek out an older, settled dog, because you have an idea what you are getting. One that does well with other dogs would be ideal, as then the daycare would likely be a good option. Basenjis can be same sex aggressive, or just dog aggressive.

    They are wonderful companions, but not for everyone. Obedience can be an issue, as can destructive behaviour. You do have to be creative in training, as they have a very cat like attitude. They learn quickly, but have to have a reason to do what you want. Pleasing you is seldom sufficient, as they would prefer to please themselves. A sense of humour is essential to a Basenji owner! πŸ™‚

  • Welcome, and thanks for getting more information before making a purchase of a puppy!

    Though the literature is enticing, Basenjis are not hypoallergenic. They do shed less than some breeds, but most people with strong allergies still react to Basenjis. Though Patty is correct in saying that different people react different. It would be very important for your family to spend serious time with a Basenji pack to ensure no one is affected. Please do take this advice to heart.

    Rugosa Basenjis have a good naughty checklist to make sure you still think you want the breed: http://basenji.20m.com/ReasonsNottoGet.htm

    Basenjis are not Samoyeds, not remotely. So you are looking at very different breeds, for different purposes. Make sure you know what you expect and want from a future dog and what the breed actually delivers. I would say Samoyeds from my experience, are much more people focused then Basenjis.

    1. Basenjis can be left at home, but an entire work day is too long for many of our dogs. Not ALL Basenjis but many. I do not leave my Basenjis alone for more than 7 hours at the absolute maximum. So yes, you should probably look at local doggie daycare or employ a dog walker to come in the afternoon.

    2. A good daycare does absolutely work, but that doesn't mean your Basenji won't need a night walk.

    3. Two Basenjis are better than one in my opinion. I do feel it's less work and they have each other to keep company (and some will agree two Basenjis can do fine alone together for a working day). However it is not recommended to get two puppies at the same time, especially if this is your first time with this breed. It is an enormous undertaking to fully socialise, train, and care for two puppies whilst working.

    4. I agree with Patty price varies here. But expect to pay around 900 pounds for a responsibly bred puppy.

    In Europe, it is quite common to travel for a Basenji, and very frequently travel outside your country of residence. Emailing the official UK breed clubs is a good way to start showing interest in puppies and see who is having them. You can also look at breeders in Sweden, Finland, and Germany who have an excellent stronghold in the breed.

  • @Schouiffy:

    Though the literature is enticing, Basenjis are not hypoallergenic. They do shed less than some breeds, but most people with strong allergies still react to Basenjis. Though Patty is correct in saying that different people react different. It would be very important for your family to spend serious time with a Basenji pack to ensure no one is affected. Please do take this advice to heart.

    Not only that, but you may react differently to different individual basenjis.

    Too bad you're on that side of the pond. I know basenji rescue will sometimes get in 2 basenjis that should be placed together. Something like that would probably be ideal for you. I do NOT suggest getting 2 puppies at one time. In fact, with your schedule, I'm not sure a puppy is a good fit, but certainly a well-adjusted adult should do fine. Sometimes breeders will place a young adult/older puppy who didn't quite pan out for the show ring.

  • hello and welcome to the forum.
    I too was brought up with a Samoyed, a wonderful dog that i will never forget.
    We now have two basenjis a boy and a girl who get along together realy well, it's a pleasure to watch them playing. We didn't get the dogs at the same time though, there is a year age gap between them. I work part time and my hubby works for himself so there is usualy someone in the house with them. The female is great if left but the male is another story and howls if he even thinks we have gone out.
    Daycare could work if your dog gets on with others but again it would never work for our male as despite being well socialised at a young age he isn't good with other dogs.

  • Hi, Josh!
    I am a fairly new Basenji owner and I agree with all the above posts, but I live in Gloucestershire so if you would like to meet my boy we could meet up?

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