• Hi everyone,

    Thought I would get in early and wish everyone on the forum a Merry Xmas and New Year and say how much wonderful information this forum has and hopefully all new Basenji owners find it. It has given me lots to read up on and increased my knowledge in area's of vaccinations and feeding to training and socializing and much more which has been put to good use with my very first Basenji. Even the little squabbles have keep me entertained and reminds me we are all different but can come together when someone needs help with their Basenji. All the best to everyone and their Basenji's.

    Jolanda and Kaiser 5+months

  • I ditto the sentiments above. Although I have not been tremendously active I do appreciate all the valuable information that is shared here in the Forum. I often come here to answers to my questions or concerns about my 2 B's - Dwjaad and Camerou. aka - Jenga and Rudy.
    They have both turned 1 years old this month and I am happy to reach this milestone. We passed the year without too much damage to our house and contents when I look at some of the photos on the site. Wow have we been lucky. They are lovely boys who follow me everywhere. Jenga is so fast and it is such joy to see them running through the fields of snow with our german shepard in hot pursuit. They love to play and run in our creek!
    I know I will continue to come here to find out more about Basenjis. Thank you everyone and a happy holiday to all.

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