Sandies new doggles ….

I think she hates them

First Basenji's

They are such a stylish color though.
I hope they help a little!

they come in alot of colors and a few differnt styles … It's a matter of getting her used to wearing them now. Once we achieve that i think ill get her a few colors that match her assortment of collars and sweaters. I almost think she associates them with the muzzle the vet puts on her cause they go back behind the ears and under the chin to stay on.

You are going to get some strange looks from passers by with her wearing those! 🙂

I think you're awesome for caring enough about keeping her activities that you bought her doggles, and while you may get a lot of looks it may also be a platform for you to inform others about Pannas (I never knew about it!)

The looks i expect and ill even laugh with them cause she does look comical … but i wont take away her enjoyment ... I actully put them on and they are comfortable ... and ide be happy to explain she has a condiction and that they should everyday look into thier babies eyes and make sure that they are clear ...

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