Pedi Paws and falling asleep? Lol

How many Basenji's PASS OUT when you're doing their nails with a dremmel or Pedi paws? Lol….Mine does!

I wish Loki would pass out while doing his nails! He does not like it at all; always takes both my husband and myself along with some goody like cottage cheese or peanut butter to help distract him to get them done.

Lol Anubis used to be that way and Id treat him with peanut butter or something yummy and I guess he learned its not so bad. I think the vibration of the nail filer makes him sleepy lol

That's hilarious. 🙂 When you stopped the dremel, he woke up!

The dremel is not Kipawa's most favourite thing, but he does put up with it. But not like Anubis!

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