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I always wanted a dog…For 8 years it was a huge dream, which seems never will come true...And few month ago my mom said to me "Allright, you can have dog...but small."...So, I started searching any breeds of medium or small dogs...I found Basenji!!...And I got her yesterday, she is really cute, and I love her!!

Congratulations! And welcome to the world of Basenji's!

Im so happy for you! Having a Basenji puppy is so fun. Makes you tired too. Enjoy these puppy years…they grow up so fast. I remember it wasn't too long ago I brought my little guy home. Now he is almost 5 mts and growing like a weed!
Can't wait to see more pics!!!!!!

Welcome…this is a great site to learn about and appreciate the breed. Lots of great information and fun! Keep those pictures coming!!

Thank you!!
Yeah, she is sooo cute, and fun.
Today I went to the school, coz Im in high school, and she was with my mom…And my mom has a baby also, who is 16 month, so she sooo much tired with this two kids LOL....While mom cleaned Lulu's sis was beside Lulu's food LOL....
And now I'm laying on a floor with my laptop, and she's close to me:)
Also, every night she sleeps with me..Well, first night I was couldn't sleep, coz she were sooo snorring LOL...and she took whole my bed...I was so wondered..So little puppy and sleep like Imperror LOL
Here's her pics 🙂

Welcome to the forum, welcome to the world of Basenji's! You are also a offical member of the Basenji Talk B/W Basenji fan club….....Welcome and enjoy. Nice B/W B you have there.🆒

Thank You, Thank You !

Welcome to the forum. Cute photos of your pup. She's a doll…

Basenji Boy, If I may ask, what is the Basenji Talk B/W Basenji fan club??

Thank you,
This doll biting and scratchuing as tiger!!

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