My new girl in my boy only home…more advice

  • As some have seen I posted pics of my new B girl Nikita. I have had my Anubis for 4yrs…since he was a pup. I recently acquired a female. who is 1yr old. Neither have fought each other yet (knock on wood). I took them for a walk down the road and they did good...they avoided each other. I live in the country so there's no parks nearby or anything. I took them back and brought them inside. Picked up any chews, toys, etc. My male sniffs her rear and she always freezes up and growls. My male will sit down and show no interest in letting her sniff. He doesn't always put his ridge up but sometimes he does...his ears go back and he will freeze and turn away with his back to her. Is this normal? Should I be worried he wants nothing to do with her? Any other advice for helping them become comfortable enough to live in the same home? I have had her 4 days now. I have always read Basenji's always do better with other Basenji's. Is there truth to this?

  • I think time will sort this out for you, as long as you are vigilant about removing anything they might fight over. She needs to get used to him. Was she an only dog where she came from? He is familiar with sharing his space, but it may be a new experience for her. She's young, so at some point she will want to try playing with him, and that will break the ice.

  • She came from a home with several dogs of all breeds plus cats. Shes great with my cat Tigger which is a relief. I really hope it works out. I love her shes great in other ways. Very cuddly and is funny with her toys. She bounds around throwing them lol.

  • Honestly, I have never really believed in Basenjis do better with Basenjis…. and sometimes they just don't get along...especially if they are both dominate....

  • @tanza:

    Honestly, I have never really believed in Basenjis to better with Basenjis…. and sometimes they just don't get along...especially if they are both dominate....

    Here, here! Gotta agree with that to a point. My girl gets along with her "sister" because her sister is a basenji/sheltie mix, and my PB dominates her with ease. She also likes dogs of other breeds in all the parks and has no problem. When she is with the basenji group, however, she seems to "hair up" with some consistency because they don't understand she is queen of the universe.

  • I'm hoping that it gets better in time for you. I know when I brought my boy home with my 4 yo female she wanted NOTHING to do with him. Now they get along and play and are generally happy with each other, but I believe it will take some time. Just watch them and make sure they are separated when you can't be home to watch them.

  • I hope so too! Ive also started some training sessions together. Like having them both Sit (they will sit next to each other with no issues). I use a Clicker. Ill have them SIT and they both sit…ill click and they both get treats (a SMALL piece of hot dog). Kind of to teach them that being near each other can be rewarding. So far its worked. They can be inside the house toether with no conflict either. One will be on the couch near me the other in the recliner. The only tension is if one comes over to sniff the other. But neither snap anymore cuz when one growls the other heeds the warning and backs away. I love having another B around...they are like Potato cant have just one lol

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