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    This is not about a Basenji breeder but for those of you interested in buying a puppy or even an adult dog from a breeder, this story will probably be shocking. This blog posting is about a rescuer who attended a dog auction at a breeder's kennel who was going out-of-business in April 2012. The breeder is able to sell to pet stores and of course, can also sell via the internet, newspapers, etc. At a December 2011 inspection, they had 220 adult dogs and 49 pups. The auction also including dogs from other breeders as well.

    Please research your breeder and the sire and dam of your puppy and make sure health testing is being done. There have been two dog auctions this past season where breeding Bs have been sold. I have no idea who bought them but I do know that they will be used for breeding this coming season. I doubt all the pups will be sold to pet stores. If you are not buying a pup from a BCOA member, I would ask where the breeder obtained the sire and dam.

    Here is the blog posting:


  • Amen to that Jennifer

  • I forgot to add: Do not buy a puppy from a pet store! I would only do it if the pup was older and was reduced in price significantly and you told the pet store manager/owner not to order/buy Basenjis again as they are not good sellers. If you do buy an older pup remember it will have significant issues especially socialization, house training and health. I have never bought a discounted B pup at a pet store although I almost bought/rescued a 6 month old Shiba Inu but by the time the weekend came he was no longer there and this was before I ever knew about dog auctions and Amish breeders.


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