• Hi! My name is Merry and I am an artist and craftsperson living in Redmond, WA with my hubby who makes video games for a living and my rather lazy, 13 year old Basenji named Tano.

    Tano didn't used to be so lazy but I think after so many years living with a pair of crazy Boston Terriers who needed constant reminding who was 'top dog' she's decided to kick back and take it easy now that we've moved into our new, Boston-free, townhouse. Nowadays she's satisfied with curling up on her sock monkey blankie and going for the occasional tear up and down the stairs.

  • Welcome to the Forums Merry & Tano. Sounds like your senior girl is having a privileged life now. My name is Jill and have 2 B-mixes. This is a wonderful place for info and gab about our B's. Enjoy!

  • Hi Merry!

    You said that you are an Artist, have you done anything with Tano as your subject?

    Please post some pics of Tano.



  • Welcome, yep we love pics! Enjoy the forum.:)

  • Welcome…looking forward to the pictures!

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