• There have always been questions about black brindles and what makes them brindles. My boy, Johnny, on his mother's side, carries brindle from the sire (his grandfather). his grandfather has thrown brindle. The grandfather came back from somewhere basically bald-with no striping on the skin.(that may settle the issue of brindles having different skin colours-at least in my mind)

    However, I noticed in the sunlight one day, Johnny had striping. Johnny lookes totally black. Here is a normal pic of him.

    Now, here are some pics I took of his body yesterday after the light struck him again. No, the hair is not thin. I don't know if you can see it or not, but the striping is very light. Any educational comments?


  • Black brindles are certainly possible, same as a black can be Tri Factored. On a red Basenji usually you will see black on the tail as an indicator of Tri Factor (many times fades with age).. so on a Black you would not see that either

  • But Pat, would you say he is a black brindle? Or is the colouring just 'off?'

  • My half Avongara litter was a black to trindle breeding. I had two black pups in the litter. Sophie is a beautiful shiny black with no hints of stripes in the sun. Her brother Ringo when viewed in person in strong sunlight has the hint of stripes. A black brindle has black on black stripes so the stripes are really only visible in strong light. A black brindle will only produce blacks and brindles/trindles when bred. Now there is such a thing as a dog so heavily striped that it appears black with tan stripes. These dogs are genetically brindle and will produce brindles but may pass on the super heavy striping.

  • Well, in the first breeding of Johnny's grandfather he had one brindle, one tri and one red. In another breeding he produced brindles and blacks. It will be interesting to see when i breed Johnny to Rose, maybe next year, what he comes up with if the genetics are true. By the reasoning of a black brindle-Johnny should only produce blacks, brindles or trindles even when paired with a red like Rose. Am I correct??

  • Oakley is black but it was commented on his back legs in sun he has striping that looks just like your pics…his father was black and white and his mother brindle

  • Which grandfather was it that produced a brindle?

  • Wili-which is Bluestones Ubora Wili Duara. His mother was bred to a brindle, I believe. Johnny's mother (Dalji's Damisi Dhati A Duara was bred to Bluestones Wild Buckwheat (which is the brother of Wili's mother).

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