• To all of you out there that have successfully gotten samples for testing , please send some advice. We have read all the instructions and have scrubbed there cheeks longer than suggested time frame. Thought we had done everything right, but oh not so, we now need to re collect. Our
    dogs mouths are so dry, the swab that you are supposed to squeeze onto the test strip has no moisture on it to squeeze anything out of the swab onto the paper. So please share some ideas, so we can get it right this time. I know they can have no food or water prior to testing, so how do you get a sample thats moist enough to transfer the cells. Up for any advice

  • You might try "promising" and showing them the yummy treat so that they salivate more, then collect the samples and give them the treat when you're finished. (Thanks, Pavlov! LOL)


  • Basenjis are dry mouth, but I have not had a problem with test sample. after swabbing the cheeks, are you squeezing the test pad between collection paper instead of "squeezing any spit out of the collection pad"? There is usually enough "spit" for the sample…. if you put the test pad between the collection paper then squeeze.

  • to Terry and Tanza thanks thanks.for the ideas i will try them both and hopefully get a good sample. Our boy's brother passed away suddenly from what was thought to be fanconi Very important we get this done. Our babies are actually uncle and niece and they are 8 & 7 years old. Our breeder is great and knows all their history of parents, grandparents, great grands etc. No one else has tested postive only grandfather and great grand father.
    We want to know their results so we can be proactive in their care Thank you very much

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