BCONC - A Day In The Sun With Basenjis - June 16, 2012, Livermore, CA

  • Join the Basenji Club of Northern California for a Day in the Sun with Basenjis.
    Enter the AKC BMatch and the Fun Match to win prizes and ribbons or simply enjoy
    the antics of pups and vets.
    You?ll love our afternoon demos and opportunities to practice your basenji in coursing, agility, rallyO, scent work and more.
    … The Meadow at Robertson Park
    3200 Robertson Park Road
    Livermore, CA 94550
    Saturday, June 16
    9am AKC Sanctioned B Match,
    followed by the Fun Match with fun classes for all Basenjis!
    1pm Afternoon demos and practice
    For more information
    contact euniceockerman@gmail.com or visit www.norcalbasenjis.org
    Click on Events and then on the premium list for a list of all the Fun Classes!
    There will also be a Pot Luck Lunch and BCONC General Membership Meeting. All Guest Welcome!

  • aWhy does all the fun +*Darn I wish I could attendb- <–--------------- Kipawa's typing

    Okay, had to leave that up on my post because it is Kipawa's attempt to communicate with all of you by smashing his head on the keyboard. He just hasn't learned his punctuation very well yet. But I will help him out with what he was trying to say: We so wish that there were basenji activities in our area. 😞 It sounds like it's going to be a very fun time. 🙂

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