Exporting 10.5 year old female Basenji over 12 hours in cargo

  • We are planning to go back to Japan and my girl, Rita (10+ years), has to be in a crate more than 12 hours.

    She is diabetic so we give her an insulin shot twice a day.

    That by itself is a worry. On top of that, since she now completely hates a crate from her recent experiences (blood glucose tests) at the vet, she absolutely becomes out of mind when being placed in a crate.

    We've been trying to re-train her, but she becomes so panic that she bit into the gate to cause some of her teeth completely chipped.

    Do you have any good idea to make this trip easy for her??

    We even thought of finding somebody who would take care of her and leaving her behind, but we don't believe not so many people can diligently give a shot twice a day like us who are working at uor home office.

    Rita Mom (Naoko)

  • Is she flying with you or in cargo?
    I would suggest getting a different type of crate and start over with training. (hopefully that will get rid of some/many negative connections she has with the current crate.) Crate Games dvd has some excellent suggestions for getting a dog into a crate and liking it. If you can't get another crate, you could you take the current crate apart and do some crate games then put it back together and start over with the start of the crate games. Go slowly.

    If you're thinking about drugs, you will absolutely need to do one or more "test" runs before the flight.

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