• First Basenji's

    Kong is 4 months old and is overall a GREAT puppy. Training with the kennel and bathroom were soooo easy. Our issue is with biting. I know he is a puppy and I don't mind taking a nibble every now and then. I want to curb him from nipping at other dogs. One dog in particular he is more aggressive when playing. My sister has a male pit-bull and he and Kongo play wonderful together. No problems. One of my girl friends has a smaller girl pit-bull, Ducky, and this is where the issues comes in. They start off just high energy playing but soon it turns into biting. Kongo thinks he is the same size as the biggest dog he has met and has no fear. Problem is sometimes it starts getting into biting at the ears of the other dogs. Most of the dogs he has met seem to know that he is a puppy but Ducky feels the bite and wants to bite back.

    How do I discourage Kongo from biting during play?

    What are some suggestions to get Kongo and Ducky to play better together? Ducky is going to be around often because she is one of my very good friends dogs and I want to make sure they can grow up being friends. Ducky is 2 years old.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Thank you!!!

  • If it gets too intense, play is over… however I will say that with a puppy and an adult, the adult will usually end the play if they have had enough. That is what would happen in a pack situation... And Ducky should bite back and enough to draw a little pain from the pup... so that the pup knows that was either too much or too hard.

  • Usually the adult dog will tell the younger dog to back off. Perhaps Ducky does not know to do this. Is there another adult dog that could do this?Another B would be good!


  • Totally agree that play time is over when the mouthing/nipping starts.

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