We went for a nice walk with his best doggy-friend (Bijke, a Stabyhoun). And took some new pics ofcourse.

Oh, there she is. 'I'm on my way!!'

'Follow me, I know a good spot to fight!'

'OK OK, you don't need to snarl at me, we can play your games first…'

'Yuk, swimming… You think this is a fun game???'

'I have a better idea!!!'
'Let's play….'

'... Basenji style!!!'

'You can run… but you can't escape...'
'Ha, stupid dog, you can't make turns like a Basenji can. Now you see what happens when you try...'

And a couple hours later…

Fabulous pictures!! You really caught the "action". 🙂

"Basenji style" (aka "Mantis style") ….so true

Great pics! They really had a good time! Love the 'basenji style' play and the last one with his toy! Thanks for sharing!

Cute pictures 🙂

Thank you for sharing the fun and games 😃

Wow, great action pics.

Very nice - I've never seen a Stabyhoun before. They obviously like water - so different from the average Basenji!

Great action shots, love the teeth!

Great photos!!! Looks like you have a very happy Basenji

Super Pics… proves the point... and tired Basenjis is a GOOD Basenji! I have to asks... what are the lumps that appear on him? Bites of some kind?

Jup, the lumps are in fact just dots of hair that are a bit longer. He got bitten by a fox and the fur that has grown back was a bit lighter and longer. Guess it will disappear after his spring shedding.

lovely photos! they were having a ball.

Where do you live?
We are in Marken with Honey Money's Elinor and Bintu.
Feel like a playdate?
Kees-Jan Donkers
0299 601313

Allways in for a playdate kjdonkers. 😃
I'm allways free on mondays and tuesdays, so just shout when that fits for you!

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