• First Basenji's

    I just joined the group. I adopted a 12 week old Basenji a few weeks ago and am very quickly falling in love with my little boy Pharaoh.

    HE is awesome!

  • Ohh congrats on your new B! We would love to see pics of him. There is a tonne of good information on this site. Good luck to the challenges a little B brings to your home!

  • Hi! You got the brother to my puppies, Willow and Kai! I've been watching to see if you joined. Nancy Craigie did such an awesome Job with these puppies - she said this is her litter with the most amazing temperaments.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing pics of Pharoah (formerly known as Neo) - I have lots of pics of him when he was tiny, since she would send me pics of the whole litter. I can send some to you, if you'd like.

    By the way, how much does he weigh? Kai is a beefy 15.0 pounds, Willow is 12.2 (as of Tuesday).

    Nice "meeting" you -


  • First Basenji's

    Thanks Krunzer! Maybe I am crazy (must be to own a 😎 but I find his intelligence, stubbornness, charm and all the quirky things about Basenji's. He is also a cuddly sweetie pie. Would love to post some pics…where do I do that?

  • First Basenji's

    OMG!! I am so excited to meet you Julie! Pharaoh is also 15 pounds. Bummer that you live in TX - it would be fun to get them together. PLEASE send me pics!! My email is mlb3838@hotmail.com

    I think Pharaoh is incredible! So smart, so sweet - everything I have ever wanted in a pup. How are Willow & Kai doing?

  • Ohhh we got B's from the same litter who we can watch grow up together! This is exciting news. I am glad you two found each other, you can ask each other questions about your growing little B's. It's nice to know how littermates are doing.

  • Welcome to the forum and great that you have a brother to Amelie's puppies. What a small world!

  • Hello !
    I am a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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