Puppy! (name to be determined)

Wanted to share a pic of my new pup! She was born January 9th and I pick her up Thursday and I am so excited.. Her parents are Eldorado's Akuaba One More Time and Kaleonahe's Smooth Criminal.. also attached a picture of her new brother and sister, Diego and Bananas.

Congrats on your new puppy, she is very cute - you picked a good breeder. Kyle & Steve had some really nice pups this year. Your pup is related to all 4 of my basenjis, even though all 4 of mine aren't related… 😉

Oh that is funny!

I got to meet four puppies from each of the two litters and some of the parents, all of them were great! I had so much fun and Kyle and Steve are so nice. I fell in love with one of the male pups but we decided female was best for us.

She's adorable! Have you chosen her name yet? 🙂

Her breeder has been calling her Derek, so I might stick with that.. Her breeder is Hawaiian, so I am considering Derek in Hawaiian, which is Keleka.. I also like Brielee… won't decide until I bring her home!

Very cute! Congrats.

So adorable 🙂

I love Keleka it is a beautiful name. Good luck with your new B.


Her breeder has been calling her Derek, so I might stick with that.

Derek for a girl? Different but interesting!

I like boy's names for girls, Derek is a great name for a little girl Basenji!

I believe one of his friends child named her so that could explain the boy name, but I kinda like it!

I agree with Giza - I love boy names for girls. The Hawaiian version is beautiful.

Hopefully once I get her home it will be easy to tell what fits her better, because I'm awful at making decisions! I'll try to see what she likes better also..

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