More puppies and more cuteness!

Well since I now got pups I am going to spam this forum with tons and tons of pics… Not all pics are of great quality, but the little ones are just SOOOO cute!

Nine days old:

Ten days old (today!):

What adorable puppies and a lovely mother. And don't worry about posting tons of pictures - we love them so.

Thanks for posting!! I just love their little tails. 🙂 Gets me every time.


oh, they are adorable..they look to be growing like weeds, must mean that Lana is doing a wondeful job..

Sooo cute:) Thanks for posting!

Such sweeties and don't you love the so contented look on Mum's face?

Wow, they have got huge! What happy, healthy pups they are. Lana looks like the perfect proud mum 🙂

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