• Today I was restocking Kipawa's food. Of course when I am in the pet store I always look for collars, treats and toys.

    Here is a toy Kipawa is totally enjoying as I am typing. It's very hard plastic (real hard) that you put treats into (similar to a Kong). He had been sitting with my husband, but then rushed over to me to show me that he was on the verge of getting one of the treats out. There are a few different sizes. I bought the 3 inch because it can be held between the two front paws. I just thought that since he is totally loving it that some other basenjis might as well.


    I also saw what is supposed to be a super tough, teddy bear like toy. Many different animals to choose from. I thought the raccoon was kind of cool. But it was more expensive - $21.99. I hummed and hawed about it. They claim that it is made of many indestructible 'layers'. I guess since I know Kipawa, I decided against it. I still felt it might be only good for a day or so. Next time when I am in the store I'll write down the name so I can research it on the web first.

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