• I have a 13 week old basenji puppy who LOVES anything fuzzy. She will attack fuzzy boots or socks while they are on your feet. The hood of a fuzz lined jacket… anything!

    I thought I'd read that this was common among basenjis, but I googled it tonight and didn't get any results. Is my dog crazy or is this a common trait?

  • I would say this is very common. My B's loooove fuzzy toys but not so much with the smoother toys. Tucker goes crazy when my hubby puts on his touque with rabbit fur lining, if he ever gets ahold of it there will be nothing left. And both of our B's are suckers for socks. Becca would pack them around when she was younger and Tucker will un-roll paired socks then go for another pair out of either an open drawer or the laundry basket. When Tucker was a pup he would also attack my husbands feet when he was walking because of his socks and the movement. Just keep these objects away from your pup, well obviously you cant keep your feet away! Good luck.

  • our dog also just loves fuzzy things big time our 7 year old girl has this fuzzy jacket and she has to remember to take it off or Hana goes nuts
    not hard biting but playing with it
    also she loves to pick stuffing out of our pillows on the couch that now have no corners 🙂

    but yup fuzzy things she LOVES

    so far she is very good though and rarely goes after our kids stuffed animals ! but we are careful about what dog toys we buy her and always tell her what is hers and what is not hers and she seems to be doing good

  • Waffles is the same age, and LOVES anything soft/fuzzy. All her favorite toys are the stuffed or fabric ones. She attacks feet when they are wearing socks, but isn't really interested in bare feet or shoes.

  • Fuzzy lover at this home as well! If my sister wears her fuzzy boots, Kipawa tries to nibble/groom them. It's very cute. 🙂 We have a soft Velux blanket on our bed, and that texture also excites him. Needless to say there are a few holes in that blanket, but hey, it's covered with the comforter, so we are not concerned.

    On one of our dyke walks, Kipawa spotted something fuzzy ahead. So off he went (once you are on the dyke there is nowhere to go but ahead or back, so very safe, bordered by water and no cars within miles). Well, the fuzzy was attached to the end of someone's coat sleeves! Thankfully the lady was walking her own dog and was fine about Kipawa's reaction. Kipawa and her female black lab (oh he loves the ladies!) played for quite some time while we chatted about our dogs.

  • I have an extremely expensive long shearling coat (not short cropped shearling, but long fluffy shearling). The only way I can get out of the house with that coat is to carry it over my head and put it on outdoors. When any of my 4 basenjis see the coat, it is like they go into a whole other zone - they will even try to jump up in the air to get it when I'm carrying it over my head. I am not even slightly exaggerating. The basenjis have never seen which closet in the house the coat lives in - and I'm vigilant about that. My Ugg boots suffered the attack of basenjis so needed to be replaced with something "less appealing" this year.

    So I would say fluff loving is genetic…

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