• She's a terror! My Basenji/Maltese mix refuses to listen to any sort of command or name referral, she urinates on the carpet frequently (even after a stern NO! in the process and being taken to the wee wee pad), she has extreme separation anxiety (tears/rips bags, paper, shoes.. anything she can get her mouth on), digs into furniture and peoples' arms if she doesn't get enough attention, and gnaws on arms and hands. I absolutely love her and she is so incredibly affectionate and sweet.. but her behavioral skills are horrendous! I do work 5 days a week and live alone.. however, on my work days either my father or boyfriend will stop by to walk her and spend time with her.. and 2 out of the 5 days, she spends the whole day with my boyfriend! (who is VERY good with dogs and the stern voice/patience) What more can I do?!

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