House training Basenji's that have been raised outside for a year

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    I am adopting 2 female B's that are at least one year old and have been raised/lived outside in fenced yard. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good start at house training. I will be crate training for 'away' times until I know I can trust them to be alone/loose in the house. I don't want to leave them outside until I'm able to supervise and trust them to not climb the fence. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Angela.

    P.S. I work 8 hr shifts, 4 days a week. I hope to have them sleep with me in bed at night.

  • Until the dogs understand what is not acceptable in the house, vigilance at all times when they are loose is essential! Regular trips outside, especially after naps and mealtime, and immediately after release from a crate, just like a puppy, should help. With most dogs, I think you can spot the signs that they are thinking about relieving themselves, e.g. sniffing around for "the spot", and get them out before they go any further (pun intended). Praise when they do it outside, a firm "no" and out the door immediately if they make a mistake, just like a pup. Because they have more control at this age, it shouldn't take very long to acquaint them with the "rules".

  • Yes, I agree that it might be less work for you to house train these basenjis. Are you also spending time 'basenji proofing' your home? I do love the fact that you would like to have them in bed with you at night. They do make such warm, cuddly sleep companions!

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    That's what I will be doing for the next 3 days! This adoption is happening sooner than I thought it would, but I am beyond excited and determined to give them my best. I'm getting 2 of the 5 B's posted on Craigslist, Eureka, KS

  • Also beware that although the two females get along, that could be a concern now that they are living in the house and there will be more thigs to get territorial about
    Just a thought

  • I agree with eeeefarm about house training adult Basenjis but I should say as somebody who fostered kennel Basenjis for years I only had 2 that actually needed house training, they seemed to realise that outside was for elimination rather than in the house.

    Also please heed Chealsie508's warning that the two could become quite territorial even though they've been getting along in kennels. Try to divert them from any direct confrontation.

  • As long as the weather is nice, I've found basenjis (even ones from puppymills) easy to housetrain. As long as the weather is nice. (yes, there's a reason I repeated that.)

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks so much for the advise, all excellent. Are there any suggestions you have for dealing with 'chewing everything', other than close observation and replacing the object being chewed with an acceptable chew toy. The owner says chewing everything is the only bad behavior they have (which is pretty bad). I know with my puppies I was able to replace the chewed object with a toy and they got the message pretty quick.

  • I would guess that considering their current living conditions, they really didn't have much to chew on… so therefore... chewed whatever they could get their teeth on (so to speak). So by providing them options and lots of them and close supervision in the beginning, they might get the idea quickly

  • First Basenji's

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