• My puppy will be 12 weeks old this week. I know he can't possible be housebroken yet but, for the most part, he's been a breeze to potty train and has already started signaling when he needs to be taken outside. We are having a problem, however, with him peeing on my roommate's bed, which is also where her 12 year old dachshund sleeps. It seems like every chance he gets he runs right into her room and pees on her bed. Even if he literally JUST came inside after peeing. Is this marking??? I thought puppies didn't start that until they were at least 6 months old, so I guess it probably isn't but this seems weird. We try as much as possible to keep her door closed or keep a baby gate up blocking that hallway but the two times this weekend he had the chance to run in there, he did and peed immediately.

  • MARKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marking the territory as "his"…. And you must keep him out of that room.

    When I placed Crystal with Ann years ago (and she has had Basenjis), she called me to tell me how Crystal peed on her son's bed.. (Crystal was 9wks old) and I immediately said "marking"... She said, No... I don't think so... I said yes, Marking... 3 days later and 3 days of peeing on Stephen's bed.. she called... OK your right, Marking!

    Baby gate went up, problem solved

  • LOL, okay baby marking. Just cause he can't hike his leg yet, doesn't mean the pee isn't for the same purpose– to say HRRMPFTH to that OTHER DOG and let it know it might SLEEP there but the bed is his. LOL, gotta love attitude.

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