• Can someone out there please explain to me how a B who has had all of it's shots at the recommended/required times ends up with traces of Lyme disease and Distemper in it's spinal fluid tests. The neurologist called on the way home and told me that these things showed up in my dogs spinal fluid. The Lyme disease also showed up on the Western Blot test so we know that it's in addition to the traces you would get from the vaccine. I didn't get a chance to ask the vet because I was driving. I'll ask him tomorrow, but was wondering if someone out there had some info that would help me out tonight. We're still trying to figure out what is wrong with Keba's eyes and still waiting on the results of the tests from Texas. 😞 Thanks.

  • I'm sorry I have no answers for you, Kebasmom. I'm sorry Keba's having a very rough time right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Keba in your quest for cures and solutions to restore her to good health. You are the best mom to Keba. Bless you both. Hang in there - maybe someone here has more knowledge on Basenji health issues.

  • While there is a shot for Lyme, I am not so sure it has been proven totally effective?….

  • @tanza:

    While there is a shot for Lyme, I am not so sure it has been proven totally effective?….

    That is my understanding as well, Pat. I think the coverage for the Lyme vaccine is known to be spotty.

    No vaccine is 100% effective. Some individuals may be more resistant than others. And there can be environmental things that happen to make a vaccine less effective. I am sorry that Keba is going thru this.

  • That's scary and sad at the same time. I am sorry for what u r going through espescially since u took all the precautions towards ur B's health. I hope your baby gets well soon.

  • Oh no! So sorry about Keba…lots of prayers for speedy recovery!

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