Really, Queen Zola… Really?????

Hello Everyone,

So now that it has been about 2 months, and Zola is fully settled into our home, she is really letting her personality shine!!! And it's hilarious. But I must ask: It is "normal B behavior" for her to throw herself onto the floor, roll herself over multiple times, and act like she is demon possessed… all while chasing her curled up tail, coming to a sudden stop... and then doing it again????? She does this EVERY morning after she is fully awake... and again EVERY night when she knows it's bedtime. It's the strangest routine I have ever seen.... and she looks totally mad!

And now she has decided that she LOVES the stairs.... as in, "let me run up and down these babies as FAST as my legs will take me"!!!!!!

Wow..... please tell me all of this is normal.

Very Normal!

could you please film this?? sounds like she's having lots of fun!

that sounds just like sonny's morning routine….1st think he does when he jumps out of bed in the morning is go in the living room and roll all over the carpet like a maniac! 🙂

Sounds like a Basenji to me. 🙂

Oh yes, absolutely normal! They run around with tail uncurled, that way they don't get wind drag. THen the play bow side to side and then all over again. Yup, completely normal.

OK… so what about if she wants to eat the grass sometimes when we go for walks??? What is that about????

Jet the trying often begs to go out so he can eat grass and throw up. And by "begs", I meant bother you until you get up and take him out.


Jet the trying often begs to go out so he can eat grass and throw up. And by "begs", I meant bother you until you get up and take him out.

So why do you think he does that? My Cody eats grass and then immediately vomits about once a week or once every two. Is this normal or is it a sign of something wrong? It doesn't seem like he wants to just munch on grass - he seems to eat it for the sole purpose of inducing vomiting. It's comforting to see someone else has a B who does this. Gross, but comforting! LOL!

Basenji Mix

All my dogs have eaten grass, some have vomited, some don't. This article explains a little why they think they do it.

All of mine have done this from time to time. Usually on an empty stomach, usually in the morning. They just bring up the grass and yellow bile. I think an empty tummy may feel uncomfortable, and they want to do something about it. I don't worry unless they are vomiting their meal.

Yes eeeefarm, it's just as you describe - grass and bile. svdreamer - thanks for the link. You all helped put my mind at ease!

When Spencer was younger, he did all of these things, including the eat-grass-so-I-can-throw-it-up trick. Now that he's an old guy, he doesn't do any of it. He used to baroo like crazy, and now he's totally silent. I miss all of his silly antics, even his sock stealing and the spirited game of "keep away" that would follow. So enjoy the craziness! It's just a fun part of being– and owning-- a Basenji! (The throwing up, notsomuch.) 🙂

Both mine sometimes eat grass on their first walk of the morning - then throw up, then go about their business as usual. It doesn't happen often, thanks be, but I've decided they just don't feel quite right and get whatver's upsetting their system out. As to the other behavior, yeah, perfectly normal, they all do something that makes us believe they're totally insane - mine jumps off and on the couch and turns herself upside down then rightside up and upside down again a few times, sometimes just falling asleep in her upside down position. I think it's like kids who get all wound up when they're tired, then crash.

I am SO SO happy to know that I am not the only one with a B with B behaviors. I was getting a little worried about the eating grass and throwing up issue, but it's JUST like what all of the rest of you described. So I guess queen Zola is OK and normal after all. I do have a question about her collar…... I think I will start another thread for that one..... 🙂

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