I'm waiting patiently.

Levi and Taz waiting patiently for their cookies after a trip out to the potty. When they sit every time I asked them to sit, they get a cookie, but only if they sit and stay while I get their cookies.
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Aww look at the Good Dogs! Very nice picture!

You are doing very well with them! Are you holding the cookie in your hand? Try 'sit' then 'stay' then toss the cookie on the floor somewhere. It takes a basenji quite a bit of fortitude to wait for the 'okay' command. 😃

great picture of Levi and Taz

Yes, that would be a feat, I'm sure. No, I go get the cookies while they are sitting patiently after comming in from the potty. I just got him to start staying until I get the cookie. I think I will have to work on that one for a while, lol.

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I think Taz is camera shy though. He doesn't like when I get the camera out. He always gets out of the way when I get it out, lol.

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Lovely picture and they're so patient. I have the same problem when I pick up my camera!

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