• Levi and Taz waiting patiently for their cookies after a trip out to the potty. When they sit every time I asked them to sit, they get a cookie, but only if they sit and stay while I get their cookies.
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  • Aww look at the Good Dogs! Very nice picture!

  • You are doing very well with them! Are you holding the cookie in your hand? Try 'sit' then 'stay' then toss the cookie on the floor somewhere. It takes a basenji quite a bit of fortitude to wait for the 'okay' command. 😃

  • great picture of Levi and Taz

  • Yes, that would be a feat, I'm sure. No, I go get the cookies while they are sitting patiently after comming in from the potty. I just got him to start staying until I get the cookie. I think I will have to work on that one for a while, lol.

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  • I think Taz is camera shy though. He doesn't like when I get the camera out. He always gets out of the way when I get it out, lol.

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  • Lovely picture and they're so patient. I have the same problem when I pick up my camera!

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