• Just want to say hi.
    I'm new here but not new in taking care of dogs. Planning to have a basenji. And this is a way to research for them. Thanks!

  • Welcome to the forum! Ask lots of questions and make sure to do lots of research.

  • Welcome. This is a good place to find out if a Basenji is the right dog for you. Spend some time on the "behaviour issues" forum. Although you see a lot of "worst case" scenarios, it's better to know the worst, although with luck and the right choice, I hope you experience only the best of our breed. 🙂 They are wonderful, interesting companions, but they are not for everyone.

  • Welcome! What type of dogs have you owned in the past? And how do you like CATS? If you're a person who likes attentive, devoted, obedient dogs to whom you're the centre of the universe, you might not be happy with a Basenji. Ditto if you're considering a Basenji largely because they're hypoallergenic (not!) clean & quiet.

  • Welcome to the forum. You're sensiblre to research before making a decision.

  • Please go to www.basenjirescue.org and read the reality stories. Not all b's do these things, but some of them do. Its good info to see if your
    able to laugh when you come home to their being "busy".

  • Welcome, and so glad to see you respect a dog enough to do some research before getting one. I LOVE that attitude! Stick around - there is tons of great info here and everyone cares about the breed SO much! 🙂

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