• I am wondering if any of you have had this experience. Several of my Basenjis…...but one in particular......appear to enjoy being tickled. Not in an aggressive way, but if I ran my fingertips very lightly over my second girl's back and legs and belly (when she was standing up), she would stand very still, raise her hackles, and appear to have "shivers up her spine". She gave every evidence of enjoying it and didn't like it when I would quit. My others have also appeared to enjoy this, although none quite so much as her.

    Tickling feet, however, is a different story, and all of them have been annoyed by it. I mostly do it to bug them and provoke a game, which it generally does, after some foot switching and licking.

  • I do that to Oakley a lot, it's like a very light rubbing, just barely touching them… He loves it... He stands or lays very still while I do it and always relaxes his body as if to say "ahh"

  • suki will continually paw at my hands to get me to do this… she stands and i very lightly rub her belly. and when i stop, she starts the pawing again. and she's so persistent, and those little nails hurt... so i must obey.

  • I do that in the arm pits and they both seem to like it.Also raspberrys on the belly make them go all weird! lol

  • Boy, have I been trained! I give Kipawa full body massages! It is sweet to see his eyes lose focus as he drifts off.

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