• So I have been home now from the hospital for about 4 hours now from getting my knee operated on. I was wondering how the dogs were going to adapt to this change of me being on crutches, etc. Well I walk up the step with my crutches and Flame starts barking and has this totally weird look on his face. He is scared.
    Becca and Tucker were in the house in their crates while we were at the hospital all day. I get all set up in my chair and Wayne lets them out. They go racing around the house and I am thinking 'Oh no they are going to jump up on the chair and onto my leg'. Becca jumps up first and gets some pets and then leaves. Then Tucker jumps up. Well he proceeds to take caution with making sure not to jump up on or walk on my leg after he sniffs every inch of it. He then cuddles up with me and licks my entire face, my arms and neck. I am assuming this is because he can smell the anesthetic coming out of my skin. So far he has hardly left my side, being the 'guardian'. He won't let Becca come near me and he is also growling at Wayne!!!. He must know that I am in pain and is trying to protect me and figure out who hurt his Mommy. It is weird how they react to these types of situations.
    Unfortunately he won't be allowed to sleep with me tonite as he is a behind the leg or inbetween the leg sleeper. Becca sleeps by my head so she can sleep with me. So I am wondering how Tucker is going to handle that situation tonite.
    Just thought I would share with what he is doing.

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    Uh oh, I had an experience with Uzie sleeping with us a few time (he had his bed in with ours so the senior dogs would have a little peace and quiet, and Uzie would jump on the bed an hour or so just before waking) Well, one day he growls and then lunges at my hubby when John came over to kiss me goodbye!!!! BAD NEWS! So, I started over with him having to sleep in a crate for two nights and I slept in the bedroom with him. (to this day he has not been in our bed and all is better)So, if Tucker is your guardian, don't let him or anyone sleep with you for the while in a cast. I would be surprised if there was not growling or a fight….But since I am writing this two day later, how did it go???? Our B's can be 'guardians' which is essentially resource guarding. PS: Uzie just growled at my Candi as she was sitting at my legs writing this. Uzie is used to being alone with me in the am, but is is chilly outside so all are in..............just a day in the life with (some) basenji's. PSS: I wonder if he was borne with this trait or if he learned it from the previous owner-having been the only dog????? oh well.....

  • He has been a very good boy with this whole thing. The first night he ended up sleeping with me and he did very well, being very cautious about where he was sleeping and such. Yesterday was a little different they both pretty much stayed right away from me and last night he went and slept with my hubby. But I just got up and he came downstairs to get in some cuddle time. I just think they know when we are in pain.

  • First Basenji's

    I R So Relieved:o Hoping for the day when my boy is more of a cuddler. However, I just looked out on the front porch and he is sleeping with his housemates enjoying the fresh air. Why are they such angles when asleep???? (answer: cuz they ain't tearing up tissues and papers….)...And yes, I agree with you, they know!!!! Enjoy your cuddle time, and don't they just make you feel better! Sometimes better than a hubby! (ooops!) well, they woke up for the camera. have to wait until the Advantix drys….

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