Lukuru retesting results - Fanconi Syndrome

  • Using the temporary linked marker test on the 10 Lukuru's resulted as :

    Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya "Probably Clear"
    Lukuru Amisi / Misi "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Lema / Lema "Probably Clear"
    Lukuru MPale / MPale "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Constellation Cassiopeia "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Constellation Libra "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Constellation Orion "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Constellation Pegasus "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Constellation Perseus "Indeterminate"
    Lukuru Constellation Ursa "Indeterminate"

    Dr. Johnson was very confident all along that we would have confirmation that all of the Lukuru's were clear, but we always respected the BCOA recommendation to treat the Indeterminate reading as a "Carrier."

    Most recently, the four native imported foundation stock were retested on new DNA swabs for the direct gene. The six F1 full African littermates were retested from stored DNA.

    The results of the direct gene test on the Lukuru's has found :

    Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Amisi / Misi Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Lema / Lema Clear / Normal
    Lukuru MPale / MPale Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Constellation Cassiopeia for Antefaa Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Constellation Libra Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Constellation Orion Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Constellation Pegasus Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Constellation Perseus Clear / Normal
    Lukuru Constellation Ursa Clear / Normal

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  • YAY!! Nice to see they all tested clear!

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