Goats Milk?

A question for the experts….what are your feelings on raw goat milk as a supplement for lactating bitches? Our shepherd breeder swears by it and some of what I have read looks promising. We are currently feeding Phoenix about 1 cup of Orijen six fish, 38% protein and very high in good fatty acids, 1/5 cup of raw Sojos veggies and fruits, 1/3 cup of raw quail with ground bone, twice daily.



I have never used goat's milk, but I know some breeders that have. For my bitches with pups I use cottage cheese lots for the fat content… And I do a semi raw with high quality kibble, 99% of the time no grains.

Thank you!

I used to give my Bs goat's milk yogurt and they liked it.

I am a bit confused about raw goat milk in GA. I remember not that many years ago looking into it for making butter and being told it was illegal to buy it. So I went to look and I guess you can buy it for your dog, but I do admit that the issues with raw would have me not thinking any benefits were worth the risk to my bitch.



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