• My husband and I have 2 BRAT rescues. We got Hextall over 3 years ago, and Brie about 9 months later. They were both about a year and a half old at the time we adopted them. Both dogs have slept in our bedroom since we brought them home. They have had nights intermittently where they wake up early, or don't settle down quickly, but it wasn't that often. A few months ago, they started regularly waking up at night, and loudly flapping their ears. Then back to sleep. Unfortunately, my husband is a very light sleeper, and this new habit was ruining his ablility to sleep at night.

    So for the last 2 months we have been allowing the dogs to sleep out in our family room. At first they were confused, but now they prefer it. We have had very little destruction during this time period, so we called it a success, everyone was getting a great nights rest. Well last night the dogs went on a destruction frenzy. Not something anyone wants to wake up to.

    We are at a loss of what we should do now about our sleeping arrangements. We do not want to crate them because they are crated during the work day (they are crate trained, and happily trot into their crates when we leave for work), but we really arent sure what is the best solution.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Any ideas on what triggered the behaviour? If they have been good for two months, something must have occurred to set them off. I suppose the easiest solution would be to bring them back into the bedroom, and have your husband wear ear plugs…....but perhaps it was a one occasion thing and they will be fine again.....

  • Ear infections? Shaking of the head always make me think that… Just a thought?
    Also, with fall here, dry skin is becoming more of a problem... Theta could cause a sleep disturbance if they're getting itchy... I always tend to think environmental with a change that's sudden. For example, I changed fabric softener and Oakley would wake up sneezing until i figured it out, took three washes to get rid of it

  • First Basenji's

    What did they destroy? Could you somehow make the room more B-proofed???? leave some chew toys like a kong for them to get to when they wake up?? Also, leave their crates in that room with the door open for them to change sleeping positions. My dogs do that during the night. And yes, do check out the ears and dry skin. I know exactly that noise you describe! can be annoying during the night. I had to change out the sleeping arrangements recently when Uzie decided my husband should not be sleeping with 'US'!!!!(he growled and lashed out, now we close our doors and he is back out in the living room with the other two…)

  • How about a bed in the bedroom. I also find the ear shaking a bit odd–I'd want to know why.

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    Doggie bed in the bedroom. They might not take to it immediately, but if you get them something super cozy, I think they will eventually understand that it's "theirs." , One large one for both B's sounds lovely to me, though of course it depends on how well your two get along.

    I sympathize with your husband. I am an EXTREMELY light sleeper, able to leap right out of bed at the first hint of a puking dog to catch bile-vomit just in time to save us a huge mess, while my partner snores away, oblivious to the world. Good luck. I hope you find something that works.

  • Do they shake their head during the day too? How much exercise are they getting? How many hours during the day are they crated? Do you walk them in the AM before crating and at night when you get home? If they are not worn out enough they won't sleep through the night.

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback!

    Neither dog has an ear infection, they do the full body shake as part of their stretching routine. The ears are just loud. I am not sure if they are having any dry skin problems, as i havent noticed an increase in itching, but it is a possibility with the cooler dry air. They both have dog beds in our bedroom, and know that the command "bedtime" means to get into their beds. We have them on a very consistent daily schedule with morning and evening walks, totaling an hour each day (plus playtime/B500 before bedtime).

    Last night we decided to carefully b-proof the room, and make sure they were completely settled in. It seemed to do the trick, and they slept great last night outside of our bedroom. Our best guess is that they were over stimulated too close to bedtime the other night, and we just need to be a bit more careful that they have calmed down.

  • Yeah they do the whole 'omg my fur is all messed up' shake turn around 3 times then flop their furry butts down back in bed. I know about the super light sleeper thing. I too can wake up at the first sound of puking puppy and either throw a towel underneath them or try to get them to the bathroom in time so they can vomit in the sink. Once they get they get those ears going it's hard to stop!

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