• I have always heard and also noticed with my great Dane, that there are often differences between American and European dogs of the same breed. mainly , that European dogs tend to, at least in great Danes and possibly in other breeds, more stocky, shorter muzzle, than American versions, which tend to be longer face , more stylized and slimmer. Again, I have no idea if there is actual truth to this or if it is just myth.. It would make sense that dogs are bred according to peoples tastes and needs, and that those tastes and needs may differ from one continent to the next thus creating differences within the breeds.
    if this is so.. Is there a difference between european and American basenjis? I haven't gone back to analyze this but I feel like european basenjis are stockier and have shorter muzzles and smaller ears??? Any thoughts ????

  • I would say they are a mixed bunch, there is a lot of american influence in Europe anyway these days. Some have beautiful small hooded ears some don't, true english lines have the shorter muzzle which is correct to the breed standard but longer muzzles are creeping in. Wrinkle on the whole is good.

    I will have to post some pics of my crew!

    I did notice that some breeds at Westminster looked totally wrong! I suppose it's a bit like some of the breeds here are from "working lines" as opposed to "show lines" and look different. I would have thought that we should be breeding "Fit for function dogs" which the UK Kennel club is now insisting on rather than pretty show dogs who wouldn't be capable of carrying out the purpose for which they were bred. (I am talking about all breeds BTW) Border collies and ****er spaniels spring to mind.

  • Yeah, I especially see that in Dobermans and Boxers. And to be honest, the American Dobermans don't look pretty at all … but different standards, I guess.

    American on the left, European on the right (males):


    Giant Schnauzers males:

    Boxer females:

    Boxer males:

    Great dane males:

  • Thats exactly what I had noticed.. Here in Dominican Republic, there are dogs of both. Most dogs however have american origins, so I have noticed that. When I got my great dane, ( he passed away last year) my best friend got one too. and his was a german breeder who had moved to DR. The difference was amazing just like the images above.
    Its also been mentioned here that there has been a change in the temperament of basenjis over the years due to breeding for temperament. Does anyone know if this also differs between european basenjis and americans. Are their temperaments different?

  • I think that Breeders world wide have been breeding to improve temperaments.

  • Wow….there is a big difference with the boxers...topline/outline is totally different!

  • for some reason, i was under the impression that in europe they don't crop ears and dock tails…. am i mistaken?

  • In some European countries it's still allowed to crop tails and ears. However, it is prohibited in Sweden.

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