Sugar and Shadow

Here are a few pics of Sugar and Shadow. Their breeder is Robyn Dubbert of Sherwood Basenjis (yodeldogs).


My fave pic is the one with Shadow sitting on the boot. His head and expression is so very much like his dad Clipper. Very handsome and yes I am a bit partial. 😃

I must say that's my fav too-he looks so much like Clipper!

Basenji Mix

I vote the boot picture too! They're very nice looking B's. All your fur kids look like fun!

What beautiful fur kids!!! I luv the couch pic…Topaz does the same thing! ha ha ha 😃

Love the Black and white beauty. They are both so cute.

Im curious who SUGAR and Shadows parents are. Chevys are Locket and George.

Sugar's parents are George and Locket. Shadow's parents are Clipper and Pippin. I have attached pics of Pippin's brother Nicky and Clipper's sister Rally.

Sugar is from George and Locket's first litter and is Bindi's Sister, while Chevy is from their second litter.

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