• Here are a few pics of Sugar and Shadow. Their breeder is Robyn Dubbert of Sherwood Basenjis (yodeldogs).


  • My fave pic is the one with Shadow sitting on the boot. His head and expression is so very much like his dad Clipper. Very handsome and yes I am a bit partial. ūüėÉ

  • I must say that's my fav too-he looks so much like Clipper!

  • I vote the boot picture too! They're very nice looking B's. All your fur kids look like fun!

  • What beautiful fur kids!!! I luv the couch pic‚ĶTopaz does the same thing! ha ha ha ūüėÉ

  • Love the Black and white beauty. They are both so cute.

  • Im curious who SUGAR and Shadows parents are. Chevys are Locket and George.

  • Sugar's parents are George and Locket. Shadow's parents are Clipper and Pippin. I have attached pics of Pippin's brother Nicky and Clipper's sister Rally.

  • Sugar is from George and Locket's first litter and is Bindi's Sister, while Chevy is from their second litter.

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