• Kiya has now started her season. Wish me luck as this is my first breeding ever. I get to plan out my trip to Georgia now and inform those interested in a puppy that the time of breeding is coming soon!

  • Oh, did I mention I am SO nervous??? 😃

  • I'm sure everything will be okay, you've got great mentors by your side. 🙂

  • annandael,
    I live a little over an hour south of where you are headed. If I know when you are in the area maybe I can swing up and we can meet in person.

  • Who are you breeding her to?…. and she is really having an off season that is not typical to Basenjis.... hmm... nice to have late spring puppies... however, also know that many times a season this time of year could be a false season....

  • Her females season were thrown off by a female pug, so her seasons are normal for her, a little earlier than expected but around the normal time for Kiya

  • I'm so sad and disapointed to say that we can't breed her this year. My boy had some medical issues and took all the money I had saved up for going to Georgia!

    We will still breed her to the same dog next year..
    PJ's Kenset Back to the Future "Marty" of Mary Lou's kennel.

  • Oh no…is all okay with your boy? Not to worry, next year will be great too.

  • He's okay, but his foot isn't looking the best. 😣

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