Anubis fun

I love writing about my 3.5 yr old B Anubis. He's so goofy and it's never a dull moment when hes around. Okay so tonight me and my friend Dean we're hanging outside enjoying the cool air (It's been 106 here lately!) and Anubis was running around outside with my 8mo Lab mix Casey. We look up and Anubis is chasing Casey around to try to steal her new toy (She chewed a water hose and loves to drag the chewed off piece around). He manages to grab it after 5min of her playing Keep Away with him. They start playing Tug Of War with the hose. We found it hilarious. Every time Casey would pull Anubis would let out this grunting growl lol. It was too cute…she dragged him all over the yard. Eventually he got tired of the game and walked off. But it was too cute in the moment!

I would have enjoyed watching them. Since I have only one dog at the moment, I miss watching the antics two would get up to. 🙂

Those are the times you wish you had a camera right there with you. It does sound like they were enjoying the games!

I was dying laughing…by the time I pulled my cell out they had stopped. I was like Awe Man!! haha

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