• I've been thinking about getting a Basenji and believe I am now ready. Are there any Basenjis available in or around the Greater Toronto Area? I'd be willing to adopt one as well.

    The Basenji would be in a house with a loving family of four with two young adults (16 and 18). Easy access to a large park and a small, fenced backyard in a suburban area.

  • You may want to try a couple of breeders from the BCOC Website. I know Sue Wilcox has some older B's available, she does have an adoption process and you will have to contact her. Her contact info is available on the BCOC website:


    Other than that, I'm not sure who has available dogs.

    I'm not breeding this year and probably won't for at least three to five years.

  • Thanks for the responses, I was looking through the BRAT website and am thinking about this dog:


    Only question is, will they be able to deliver him to Toronto and any idea how much it will cost?

  • You can also contact Bob Brewster in the TO area. He does Basenji Rescue's for Canada. You can private message me for his e-mail address. I know recently there was one special needs that was either partially blind or completely blind and one other one close to the Kingston area. If you are interested in the contact info for these, let me know through private message as well.

  • First Basenji's

    BRAT can and does sometimes arrange transport runs up to Canada. And occasionally there are Canadian B's listed, too! I think what is most important is fit, so if you are the perfect fit for a Basenji in the nearby States, they'll find some way to get him/her to you. There's no harm in filling out an application with BRAT and seeing what happens. If Titan doesn't work out, there are always more in the pipelines, and it seems there are many more out East, near Toronto, than, say, my area.

    You have many options, especially if you're open to rescue. Good luck!

  • is from Colorado and the other one is from Sweden-I live in Canada
    get a Basenji from BRAT-they make wonderful members of your family!

  • I have a Basenji - red/white 17 months - in Ottawa

  • First Basenji's

    We recently purchased a male Basenji from Blackwing kennel, East of Ottawa. He is a wonderful, clever and feisty guy (8 months old now). You should contact Kathie, I believe she still has some pups from the same litter available.

  • Do let us know how your search is going.

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