• Friday night we took Nicky & Eddie to a friend's home for Yappy Hour. 10 dogs total, mine had not met them before but all was great, not a single grumble. Then a couple brought their little pig, Hamilton to a dog-party!

    The dogs were all curious, he is about Nicky's size and pretty much ignored the dogs as they sniffed him all over. Then a bit later, one of the resident dogs realized, Hey, there's a pig in my yard! and started barking at him. Hamilton started running and suddenly it was 'bacon on the hoof' and most of the dogs joined in. Pig, 8 dogs, 4 or 5 humans, racing around this yard, behind trees and bushes, woodpiles…where was a video camera when you need one??? Dogs were grabbed, Hamilton ran back to Mom, everyone chilled out, more sniffing and pig went outside the fence to root beside the lake and mingle with people on the dock. All was well, and no pigs were actually harmed in the melee. Humans had wine and food, eventually we brought home 2 tired little basenjis, exhausted from their social evening.

    (At the table, someone commented that maybe we shouldn't eat the ham, out of respect to Hamilton!)

    I'm trying to figure how to upload a couple of shots from Iphoto, the pics are blurry though.

  • Do you have photos? I have to see this to believe it! LOL!

  • Houston

    How funny and his name…I love it :):D

  • A very good description Ann that has me LOL! Years ago someone brought their pig to the beach. He was big too. My 2 Basenjis just sniffed him and the pig was calm about it and could care less.

  • "Bacon on the hoof" lol - great description, I can almost picture it. 🙂

  • About 17 yrs ago I took a miniature pig to my sister… me, a 3 yr old child and a baby pig driving from here to NJ. I researched, she researched, she wanted it so I rescued it. They were the craze. Flash forward about 5 yrs and the stuff on the internet had become chilling... pigs mature and often become aggressive and destructive. The pig havens are overflowing with abandoned pigs. (My vet took the other pig, btw. But she has a farm and let it live outside with another rescued pig, once it got bigger and destructive, like real pigs so never had issues.) Babyroot finally died about 2 yrs ago. Honestly I know after many thousands of dollars in damage, my sister felt some relief. She had contacted pig havens as far as Calif over the years and either they were full or she didn't feel confident they would care for her. She was always great with their dogs and let the cat sleep, no joke, on top of her.

    Leora with Babyroot when she was about 3 yrs old:

  • That is a much bigger pig than Hamilton! Funny photo.

  • Hamilton - perfect name for a pig! Sounds like the party was a lot of fun. It is amazing the B's didn't just try to chomp down on all that pork.

  • A very interesting party!

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