Every 5 years - I go to Band Practice

Really my high school marching band was always good and we were a pretty motivated group - we get together every 5 years and practice and then march in a memorial day parade. This year I was the second oldest Majorette 2 years younger than the oldest - if you ask me we look darn good.

I agree !!!!! You rock girl!!!!!!!

I ALWAYS wanted to twirl a baton! Oh wait… are those guns?

You obviously still got it, girl!

I twirl the baton but there are rifiles in front - the set in front of the American Flag are heavier older ones - the next batch are the newer lighter ones.


Awesome…I thoroughly enjoyed watching that...you go girls!!

Despite the heat and humidity, and the work, band camp was great. Our band and corps got a standing O from a rival school. Something I will never forget.

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