• I don't know if you Bs have a taste for chocolate but we have to keep ours literally on top of the refrigerator to keep Lycia from getting to it. I stumbled across this interactive chart to estimate the dangers levels from your dog eating different kinds of chocolate. Obviously first thing to do is call the vet, but I liked it for a good rule of thumb.


  • Neither Darrel nor I eat chocolate - maybe the odd one at Christmas, but that's it. But funny how when I read the title of this thread it really caught my eye - I thought it was going to list the best chocolates!

    Good info, thanks for passing it on.

  • Houston

    Very good to know…mine sometimes climb the counter..(well Moses doesn't need climbing) and gets chocolate muffins or the occasional chocolate milk, my kids are very good about keeping their chocolates up high..but these chocolate flavored items sometimes gets forgotten..

  • I've never had problems with the Basenjis related to chocolate but of course I don't ever give it to them. However they have stolen the occasional chocolate item but thankfully with no effects. It always gives me a great deal of worry though when this happens.
    This is a very interesting chart.

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