• Last week, I took Malu up to a local public park in the city. I try and take him to a lot of public places so he gets to meet lots of new dogs and people. He even meet his first toddler. I was curious to see how he would react to a small child. He didn't know what to do with her at first but was very curious and slowly warmed up to her. She kept trying to tickle him :). He is still very cautious around new people (especially men) but after he sniffs them out he's OK warms up quickly.

  • such adorable wrinkles! And beautiful eyes.

  • Lovely pics of Malu, i love his face.
    It's a great idea to take them as many new places and meet all different types of people and animals when young.

  • Houston

    How adorable..Lovely little face. Socializing them is so good to do..

    Pippin goes with me everywhere, to the hardware store, picking the kiddos up from school..next we are taking him to the movies, although only a drive-in theater..it will be very different and new for him, thus good to do..

  • THat is great advice. Now is the time, when he is still a puppy. Take him with you wherever you can. All sorts of different places with all kinds of noises, and encourage all kinds of people to pet him, specially children!!

  • I'm with Petra - it's such a good idea to get them used to everything - people, kids, sights, sounds….

  • WANT! 🙂 Okay, not really. I love my Nayru and Batman, but oh that face. Those wrinkles!

  • His eyes are so so so pretty, love the bottom picture

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