London has to go!
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    My Daughter is moving into an apartment and they dont allow dogs. She would prefer her dog London to go to a loving home. She has been fixed so cannot be breed. She is the sweetest thing and pains me not to take her as I have the maximum of 3 dogs right now (2 great danes and the renter has a dog). Please let me know if you have any ideas!

    Shes a hugger!

    She can be seen in San Diego or Los Angeles where she is right now.

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  • I would contact BRAT… … and let them know your situation. They will try to find a foster and then a forever home!! Good luck... So sad.

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  • Probably pointing out the obvious here, but can she not move to an apartment where dogs ARE allowed?

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    Sigh. I also have issues with folks making a choice that is good for them and not for their animals.
    I have been through a divorce and had pets.
    Lived in a pretty crummy place for a year, but at least the pets came with me.
    Some folks don't make that committment.
    I am glad we have the rescue support groups we now have in place.
    It saves so many animals and give folks a chance to start again

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